I’m Only Here for the Snacks.

I’m Only Here for the Snacks.

Show me one person who doesn’t like snacks and let me change their MF mind.

Eating (and peeing) is an inconvenience to life, especially when you are busy. I know once I get on my computer for the day editing and working, the rumble of my stomach doesn’t even tear me away from my groove. Then I get bitchy and tired and the Hanger Monster comes out, but making a meal or sometimes reheating leftovers just doesn’t even sound appealing and I’d rather be a starving, yet accomplished, bitch.

ENTER- snacks. Usually a carb filled, easy to grab and go, mini versions of heaven. Snacks come in handy at any point of the day. They’re usually easy to fit in your purse, great to grab when you’re vegging on the couch binging on another horrible episode of Bachelor In Paradise, a necessity for long car rides and traveling and perfect for the times you ignore your body’s cries for nourishment for way too long. Stick a snack in my face before I rip yours off.

But as you all know… I got the fetus diabeetus so, snacking isn’t as fun as it once was. I gotta have lower carb, healthy shit around. No more pizza rolls, cheez-its, cookies, ice cream or french fry binges. Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely allow myself to have treats now and again, but at the end of the day, both mine and baby girl’s health is priority… even if that means painfully turning down a bag of fresh apple cider donuts. You best believe though, that I have found my way around just eating lame ass carrot sticks and kale for the remainder of my pregnancy. Almost every time I have enough time to poke around the grocery store, you can find me reading every snack label in the organic section of Hannaford researching new delicious and semi-nutritious snack ideas. And since I know so many of us are trying to be healthier, diabetes or not, I am here to share with you the little gems I have found! I will link each item to Amazon so you can purchase any that tickle your fancy right from your couch! Got prime? Stuff your hole with these yummies in 2-3 business days. uhhhh SWEET!

  • The easiest, healthiest option for a grab and go snack? Protein bars. My snacks need to be between 15-25g of carbs and these delicious little babies have 21g… score! They don’t have that weird chalky or aspartame taste a lot of protein bars do and have 12g of protein. I’m sure there are better bars out there, but these are delish and work for me on a busy day! The Chocolate PB and Salted Caramel are also great choices for flavors, but this one is def my fave…
  • I love Almond Joys… which really aren’t too bad of a candy bar when comparing nutrition facts, but the sugar just doesn’t work out for me with the ‘beetus. I always crave something chocolate throughout the day, especially at night and it was my goal and determination to find something that could work for me. I found these coconut clusters in one of my Hannaford raids and let me tell you- they are DELICIOUS. Sweet and salty is my favorite combo of all time and these have a slight sea salt taste amongst the crispy coconut and dark chocolate yumminess. I could eat the entire bag and at only 9g of carbs for 1/4 cup (whole bag only has 3 servings), I probably could.
  • COOKIES. God damn it, I love cookies. If I am not perusing Pinterest for some low carb/ keto cookie recipe, I want to have something in the house I can grab quickly when the craving strikes. There are a TON of options at Hannaford but I gave these little guys a shot recently. Another coconutty option, which I know isn’t everyone’s fave… but they do the trick! With limited and REAL ingredients and 9g of carbs per cookie, I was sold. These unfortunately aren’t on Amazon, but here is the link to their website.


  • Trail mix is another favorite grab and go snack of mine… again sweet and salty! 14g of carbs for about a 1/4 c. maybe a little more. I always grab a couple handfuls. Who doesn’t love a little dried fruit and dark chocolate with some salty nuts?! ummm…. Take that as you will…
  • Then there’s Ol’ Faithful- Chewy granola bars. Small, low cal and perfectly sweet for those cravings. I found these bad boys with 25% less sugar and they’re a little more crumbly than the original but still good! The regular ones only have 17g of carbs per bar though, which fits in my target! So either works.
  • Another great grab and go item are these little Almond Butter packs! Grab one of these and a cheese stick or maybe some apple slices and you’ve got yourself a yummy, protein filled snack! There’s a lot of flavor combos, but I enjoy the Maple one!
  • Another Justin’s brand gem- freakin’ peanut butter cups. HOLY GAWD these are SO good.
  • CHIPS, tho. Can’t forget about chips. What goes best with sandwiches? Chips. What goes even better with reality TV binges and tears? CHIPS. I love these salty crispies… they’re super addicting and a serving size is 30 pieces at 17g of carbs?! Fuckin’ sold.
  • Speaking of reality TV binges and tears… ummmm THE ICE CREAMS. Who doesn’t cry into a pint of ice cream now and again? Here is something I’m incredibly passionate about… finding the perfect, creamy, lower in carbs ice cream and here are a few of my all time faves…

18g of carbs per bar. WHUT. Who would have thought?!

Okay so, Amazon doesn’t have many ice cream options available but I’m still going to share my faves here with you because it’s important. All of these have amazing, creamy consistency and little to no artificial sugar taste. Write ’em down on the grocery list!

  • And last but not least…. freakin’ cheese. I never thought I would say this, but I’m getting so god damn sick of eating cheese. BUT it’s a staple for me on a daily basis, especially for my nighttime snack. Baby Bells are compact, protected in wax and pretty yummy when eaten with cashews or Triscuit thin crips!

There you have it… my favorite go-to, lower in carb, sweet tooth fulfilling, every day snacks. I hope that you go buy some of these! You won’t regret it, especially because they are pretty much GUILT FREE!! Damn… what a service I have provided. You’re welcome. Now that I’m drooling and dreaming about a bowl of ice cream at 11:30am… I’ll be checking my after- breakfast blood sugar now.

Snack on, Homies.

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