Dieting? Just get you some GD!

Dieting? Just get you some GD!

Hi, my name is Meghan and I’m a serial dieter.

I have tried what feels like a million different diets throughout my young life. I’ve done Weight Watchers 3 times, 21 Day Fix, Keto, Renaissance Periodization (RP- seen a lot with Crossfitters… which I used to be once…), I have calorie counted, intermittently fasted…. guys, I’ve tried all I want to try and at each one, I gave up at one point or another… because I just fucking love pizza, nuggets and beer.

Sue me.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I couldn’t friggan wait to stuff my face with anything the baby and I desired without worrying about it FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. I still ate pretty well in between the shit meals, but man… I. Was. Livin’. Then I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (click to read post!) and all those dreams were completely squashed.

Reverting back to my many years of diet training sucks but luckily, I know how to eat low carb and count macros (thanks Keto & RP). I also know how to turn some yummy comfort foods into healthy- for- you alternatives! Because let’s be real… I cannot live without pizza and nuggets, fam. You best believe I’m on Pinterest looking up how I can turn a greasy steak and cheese into a health-food item or trying 15 different healthy pizza crusts to satisfy my craving.

As those of you who eat typically healthy know, carbs are sugar… but healthy carbs are important! Their main purpose is to provide energy once broken down into glucose and any that’s not used for energy will be stored in the body as fat (energy for later). Which is why if you eat a McDonald’s buffet and then go to bed, like drunk Meghan used to do, you can probs guess that you’re going to build up some buttery rolls on that bod if you’re not burning that stored, delicious, energy. But I digress…

Carbs ARE important to keeping my blood sugars even. I have learned that refined carbs, even if they are within my recommended 45g limit- such as white breads and pastas- spike my sugar while whole grains/ wheat keep my levels in check. Luckily, I’ve gotten used to these types of carbs over the years and actually enjoy some wheat products a WHOLE lot more than white. It’s really not so bad as long as I pair whatever I’m eating with some great protein and TRY for veggies. I find breakfast is hard for veg unless I’m having a protein shake. Who TF actually wants broccoli for breakfast? Not this bitch. But, I mean, I make bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on a Dave’s Killer Bread english muffin almost every morning… and my mouth hole is pretty happy about that.

When preparing dinners, however, I try to stay on the low carb side of things, but when I do have them, I measure whatever carbs I put on my plate. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but food labels help out a TON. I just follow the serving sizes and check how many carbs are in whatever item I am about to eat. I make sure to fill the other half of my plate with protein and veggies and for me, this includes CHEESE! Cheese always helps keep my numbers down.

Here’s a nifty chart I was given by my previous diabetes educator to give a visual of what your plates should look like if you want to try out a lower carb diet:

My point in all of this is, even if you don’t have the diabeetus but you are looking to eat healthier, this way of eating could be a super easy way to convert into a healthy, forever-lifestyle… with some self-training, restraint and patience of course!

I plan on posting some of my favorite go-to meals here on the blog so be sure to come back and check them out. Like I said, I strive to not deprive myself of the foods I crave by making healthier versions of them and they’re almost always delicious… AND they are definitely husband approved! You can bet your ass I won’t be posting some lemon-infused kale, quinoa, tofu bullshit (no offense to those of you who enjoy eating grass, power to you!) but you will most definitely find my favorite healthy versions of pizza, nuggets, casseroles, desserts and other deliciousness!

In the meantime, here’s a link to my Pinterest boards where I’ve saved some awesome stuff. No need to thank me though- you’re SO welcome for finding ideas for your dinner for this evening.

GD Board (low carb options)

Different kinds of healthy meal ideas

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